Welcome to the Aviation Art Gallery of Lisa Venema. The prints showcased below are Limited Edition reproductions of detailed pencil drawings. New prints will be added once completed and released. Work in progress will be detailed On The Drawing Board.

Each print may be personalized to order with complete squadron markings including side numbers, bureau numbers, names and logos. 

Print paper size 18 X 26. Please review the order form for pricing, personalization and contact information. 



KC-130J "Hercules" 

UH-1N "Huey" (very low supply) 

AH-1W "Cobra" 

EA-6B "Prowler" 

F/A-18c "Hornet" 

MV-22 "Osprey"

CH-53D "Sea Stallion"

HH-46D "Pedro"  

  CH-46E "Sea Knight" Special Edition   

  KC-130 "Hercules"

CH-53E "Super Stallion

  AV-8B Harrier II Plus

HH-46E "Pedro"



RQ-7B "Shadow" 12 X 17 

TH-57 "Sea Ranger" 5x7 

T-34 "Mentor" 5x7 

T-45 "Goshawk" 5x7 

T-6A "Texan" 5x7 


T-44A "Pegasus" 5x7 

All artwork and representations are Copyright© Lisa Venema

Questions? Contact artist@lisavenema.com


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